Rapid Response - Solutions for Economic Transition

What is Rapid Response?

Rapid Response Offers a Solution-Based Approach for Managing Transition in an Evolving Economy.

It addresses the needs of employers, workers, and the community through the development of ongoing strategies that help to ensure long-term economic stability and growth. Strategies employ the expertise, perspectives, and efforts of an extensive network of partners and stakeholders.

Transition management is not event-driven; it is a pro-active approach to planning for and managing economic transitions. It requires:

  • Ongoing efforts to build relationships with employers and other community stakeholders
  • Knowledge of labor market trends and economic forecasts
  • Strategic planning, data gathering and analysis designed to anticipate, prepare for, and manage economic transition
  • Understanding workforce assets and needs
  • Convening, facilitating, and brokering connections, networks, and partners
  • Planning for and responding to layoffs, minimizing their impacts wherever possible

Engaging all regional stakeholders is critical to managing regional economic transition. A thriving economy depends on dynamic partnerships among a wide range of individuals and organizations: business/industry, workforce development, economic development, a wide spectrum of educational institutions, research institutions, community and service organizations, elected officials, and community leaders.

Economic transitions occur continuously. Managing these transitions requires a solution-based approach that actively engages all stakeholder groups, draws upon regional assets, redirects talent to meet the needed skills, and implements strategies that support a region's economic vision for prosperity.