Rapid Response - Solutions for Economic Transition


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    Manufacturing Extension Partnership

    Resources related to the Manufacturing extension Partnership (MEP). MEP provides small manufacturing companies the Training, Tools and Connections to ACCELERATE INNOVATION; Leading to new opportunities in domestic & export markets As a public/private partnership MEP delivers a high ROI to taxpayers With over 1,300 technical and business experts deployed across...
  • WorkforceATM.org - Comprehensive workforce development information

    WEBSITE: Since its creation in 1996, the WorkforceATM has become the workforce development system’s most timely & comprehensive source of information. The WorkforceATM has innovative state practices & federal updates and announcements on issues ranging from ARRA news to budget and appropriations to UI modernization modernization.
  • Workplace Statistics

    Links to wide range of workplace statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), FEDSTATS -- which includes statistics and information from than 70 federal government agencies -- and Unemployment Insurance (UI).
  • Workforce System Performance Data

    A snapshot of ETA programs and their progress in achieving goals of helping people find jobs and connecting workers to employers.
  • Workforce Success Stories

    Storytelling website to help America understand the value propositions of the workforce investment system through success stories submitted by workforce boards across the country.
  • VIDEO: Resources for Workers In Transition

    Provides an overview of worker transition support and services. It offers insight on how to manage change.
  • USDOL Resources, Tools and Links for Workforce Professionals

    United States Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration resources, tools, updates and links to assist the nation's workforce professionals in serving the needs of workers and business.
  • Transition Management through Rapid Response

    Discussion board for topics regarding economic transitions and the U.S. Department of Labor's Rapid Response Initiative... a program to avert or minimize layoffs and to get dislocated workers reemployed as soon as possible.
  • State Rapid Response Coordinators

    Click "View" link below to link to contact information for State Rapid Response Coordinators.
  • Promising Practices from National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB)

    A NAWB Promising Practices repository that includes one-page descriptions of promising practices from across the country.
  • My Skills My Future

    This websites enable job seekers to match their occupational skills and experience with the skills needed in other occupations. This is a self-help website to help those individuals who are in transition and want to seek out new opportunities or looking for their next career opportunity. Along with possible education...
  • Layoff Aversion Guide

    The Department of Labor’s Dislocated Worker Initiative upholds the principle of “prevention of layoffs whenever possible."The Layoff Aversion Guide," a national compendium and “tool kit” of job retention and layoff aversion strategies for States and communities, was developed to support that principle. This Guide...
  • Find Your Local Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP Centers)

    Use the map provided in the link (click "View Page Now")to find the MEP center location nearest to you and general information about each center. Since its inception twenty years ago, MEP has focused on helping manufacturers increase their profit-lines and streamline their processes through the implementation of lean...
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    Region 6 Rapid Response Roundtable Notes

    Notes taken at the Region 6 Rapid Response Roundtable on August 17-18, 2010 in San Francisco, CA.
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    2010 ReEmployment Summit - Road to Recovery

    Documents associated with the 2010 National Summit Summit - Road to Recovery: Strategies for ReEmployment
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    Missouri Labor Characteristics Reports for Layoff

    Missouri uses data from surveys of dislocated workers during Rapid Response orientations to develop reports on the labor characteristics of workers affected by layoff. These reports are used by the state economic development agency as part of its business outreach and recruitment efforts. Here are three sample repots from layoffs...
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    Texas ROI Study Report

    For anyone interested in learning more about the ROI derived from workforce development services, read this report. The Texas Association of Workforce Boards (TAWB) enlisted the services of the Ray Marshall Center to conduct a study of return on investment (ROI) of workforce development funds, and the following report was...
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    Rapid Response Fund Utilization Rate - March 31, 2011

    Regular WIA Rapid Response and ARRA Rapid Response expenditure levels, as reported through March 31, 2011 via the ETA-9130 reports.
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    Santa Barbara WIB Rapid Response Manual

    A new Rapid Response manual developed by the Santa Barbara WIB promotes a comprehensive, strategic, proactive approach to managing economic transition. I love this--I'm always thrilled to see new, innovative approaches to the job of Rapid Response.
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    Retaining California’s Manufacturing Jobs

    A layoff aversion success story! Verdugo WIB and CMTC (a Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)organization in Southern California) to save and create jobs by partnering with the private sector. The MEP organizations are a fantastic partner to the workforce system, as we've discussed before on this site. This is...