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Apr 01

Rapid Response Workgroup Discusses Effective Messaging and Outreach

Rapid Response Workgroup Discusses Effective
Messaging and Outreach – Top 3 Strategies

Celina Shands Gradijan – President/CEO
Full Capacity Marketing, Inc.

Last week,  I participated in a discussion around the best way to develop messages for Rapid Response, and the most cost-effective methods for outreach.  Strategic communications is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time; it’s not about some magic brochure or marketing piece that has a nice look and feel.  In this day of instant and viral communication,  your best toolkit contains three strategies:

  1. The ability and right formula for developing good messages;
  2. A well designed website with social media integration that can be updated frequently; and
  3. A coordinated effort among outreach teams and subject matter experts to generate content and messages with the understanding of how to deliver them to target audiences (virtually, written format and one-to-one conversations).

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll tackle each of these topics individually.

Message Formula:

Messaging has to be tailored for each target audience (dislocated worker, employer, partner, etc), and contain three core components:

  1.  Urgency/Pain Points – Why should the target care about your services/mission?  What pain points are you going to fix for the target?
  2.  Call to Action – What do you want the target to do specifically?
  3.  Value Proposition – If the target takes that action, what’s the benefit received?


  • Target Audience – Employers
  • Service Promoted – Rapid Response


Economic challenges in our area have forced over 25 companies to layoff employees (pain point/urgency). Downsizing staff is never an easy business decision (more pain), but (name of organization) can help ease the transition for affected employees by visiting the company to present information about services and next steps (value proposition). If downsizing is your only option left, let our professional team help make the layoff as smooth as possible (value proposition). Contact us for a complimentary consultation to view your options. (call to action).

Add to this, customer testimonials of employers who have used Rapid Response services,  and you’ve got yourself a compelling message to use on your website, in presentations and collateral materials and one-to-one conversations.  For the full  PowerPoint presented to this Workgroup, go to http://bit.ly/fSloVg

Share your message strategies that have worked in your unique market.

Next up... cost effective outreach through websites and social media.

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