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Jun 06

Effective Outreach

Celina Shands Gradijan – President/CEO
Full Capacity Marketing, Inc.

Can you recommend cost-effective ways for employer outreach?  This was a question posed by the Rapid Response Workgroup in a recent online meeting.  The answer?  Your website is one of the most important storytelling and engagement tools in your outreach arsenal. Yet, many workforce organizations are falling short in terms of harnessing the power of the Web, especially utilizing social media that can enhance collaboration and outreach efforts.

Our company is in the midst of conducting a Workforce Website Benchmark Study, and here are some of the challenges that we are identifying from the 80 workforce websites that we’ve reviewed to date:

  • 98% of the sites use jargon and unclear messaging (i.e. we’re funded by WIA)
  • Only 2% of the sites have sections for their strategic partners in workforce (economic development, education, industry).
  • 75% have no call to action on how to engage further with the workforce organization
  • 82% do not have clearly defined products and services for its intended audiences
  • 67% have at least six or more logos on the site without explanation of the brand architecture and partner affiliations
  • 89% have dead links or links without explanation as to why the visitor should click
  • Only 2% of site track their site statistics


Many of these issues can be overcome with the right process for redesigning (or designing) the site.  Your first step is to get a baseline of how your website is currently performing and areas needed for improvement.  We’ve created several free tools to help you do this including a Website Audit at http://bit.ly/e6AYY6; and free ebook to walk you through how to make site improvements at http://bit.ly/gz8kfj

Ditch the print items (or at least streamline them) and start harnessing the power of the Web. You can still sign up for the benchmark study at http://bit.ly/ftnEtf

Next up - - social media.

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