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Aug 26

Thanksgiving Dinner As Messaging

A quick scenario.  Thanksgiving dinner, around a big table with family.  A lot of cheerful chatter, clinking of silverware.  A distant cousin you don’t see often leans over to you and asks, “So, what exactly is it that you DO?”

How you answer this question is an important indicator of how well you’ve thought through your messaging and sales pitch.  Can you describe what you do as a Rapid Responder in ways that make sense to the questioner?  Is your answer clear enough to be understood?  Does it hit the right notes to demonstrate that Rapid Response is meaningful and important?  And perhaps most crucially, is it succinct enough to hold your cousin’s attention despite all the distraction?

There are a number of issues to keep in mind when developing messaging around Rapid Response.  While you might have one answer for your cousin at Thanksgiving, you might have an entirely different message for your local Chamber of Commerce meeting.  Do you understand the value of Rapid Response?  And can you articulate that value?  If so, how do you define “value” and is your definition targeted to the specific type of message or the particular scenario?  (A business owner preparing for a layoff will understand value differently than a growing company.  An economic developer will understand value differently than a community college president.)  A great message is important, but customizing that great message to a particular audience is critical.

We know that many of you spend a lot of time thinking about how to get the message out, how to sell your solutions, how to prove your value in a variety of ways.  So let’s share some thoughts—let’s get a dialogue here. 

What interesting answers would you give your cousin at Thanksgiving? 

Or what do you say in 30 seconds or less that prove the importance and value of Rapid Response? 

Use the comment boxes below and share your messages!

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