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Oct 21

Essential Elements of Great Rapid Response

I’ve been thinking lately about some of the elements that are necessary when creating an innovative Rapid Response system in your state or local area.  Took a crack at jotting down a few ideas—please add to this list any thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc that you think are important to achieving a Rapid Response system that lives up to its potential.

  • A bias towards prevention, strategic planning, and jobs;
  • A clear understanding of the value of Rapid Response and ways to express this value, including return on investment;
  • In depth knowledge and understanding of all rules and regulations (federal, state, local) to create a foundation from which innovation springs;
  •  Establishing and maintaining of deep and broad partnerships;
  • Established, disseminated, and well-understood procedures and policies;
  • Leadership that creates an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, etc; and,
  • Staff who are properly trained with incentives for behaviors that promote innovation and solutions-based approaches.

So what else should we include?  Please add some thoughts in the Comments below!

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