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Apr 01

Rapid Response Workgroup Discusses Effective Messaging and Outreach

Rapid Response Workgroup Discusses Effective
Messaging and Outreach – Top 3 Strategies

Celina Shands Gradijan – President/CEO
Full Capacity Marketing, Inc.

Last week,  I participated in a discussion around the best way to develop messages for Rapid Response, and the most cost-effective methods for outreach.  Strategic communications is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time; it’s not about some magic brochure or marketing piece that has a nice look and feel.  In this day of instant and viral communication,  your best toolkit contains three strategies:

  1. The ability and right formula for developing good messages;
  2. A well designed website with social media integration that can be updated frequently; and
  3. A coordinated effort among outreach teams and subject matter experts to generate content and messages with the understanding of how to deliver them to target audiences (virtually, written format and one-to-one conversations).