Rapid Response - Solutions for Economic Transition
Oct 21

Essential Elements of Great Rapid Response

I’ve been thinking lately about some of the elements that are necessary when creating an innovative Rapid Response system in your state or local area.  Took a crack at jotting down a few ideas—please add to this list any thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc that you think are important to achieving a Rapid Response system that lives up to its potential.

Apr 08

Making the Connections that Matter

There are national, state, local and even industry- or occupations-specific labor exchanges. In general, they are typically an association of some combination of human resources personnel, employers, workforce agencies, industry group and community organizations working together to improve labor market efficiency. This could include the sharing of best practices, research, technological solutions, labor market information, job each engines, and other things that help employers find the workers they need and for workers to connect with employer. Labor exchange also can identify the training and skill needed for various occupations.

Labor exchanges provide valuable resources for connecting workers and employers... the connections that matter  for preparing and building our nation's workforce.

Mar 24

What’s That Again? ...or Census Data Reveals Surprising Economic Insight into U.S….

What’s That Again? ...or Census Data Reveals Surprising Economic Insight into U.S. Businesses and Job Creation

Citing U.S Census Bureau data, according to a new report out by the Kauffman Foundation, job creation in the United States hit a 29-year low in 2009 at the height of the Great Recession. That takes us back to 1980 when the U.S was in the midst of another recession when interest rate rose and farming, not automobile manufacturing, was particularly hard hit.